Slovenia Is A Hidden European Gem

Slovenia Is A Hidden European Gem

This small country is a gem and very few people really know what they are missing. Extending over 600,000 square kilometers and located in Central Europe, Slovenia has become a bridge booster between east and west. The beautiful and ancient cities of cities such as Ljubljana, Zagora, Malover, and Tabakovo mark the countries land as one of the greatest discoveries of the twentieth century.

In Slovenia we do not only find history and architecture but also beautiful natural place. The Mediterranean climate flows through the country and vacations in Slovenia are not a bad idea since it has almost perfect Mediterranean weather. The sunny winters and warm summers should not be forgotten as well.

Only in Slovenia can one find clean, cheap swimming pools. There is no better way to relax than to take a relaxing swim in one of these pools.

Slovenia has a great variety of places to visit. Some of the most popular are Asone and Pieta which are situated at the banks of the biggest and deepest delta in Europe.

Asone is a beautiful city situated on the coast of the Adriatic Sea and is in fact the beginning of the Slovenian coast line. The old town is lined with medieval buildings with Titanic architecture. Fortunately, the city has survived to an extent that even five centuries after its foundation it is still Ravnica Today.

The other popular place to visit in Asone is Metelkova. The place is ideal for skiing at winter time as it has around 100km of ski runs. As one of the biggest ski resorts in Europe, it has various slopes for all levels of skiers. Another popular place is Hvar which is situated in the Krk region of Slovenia. Since it is in close proximity to the Austrian border, it is part of the Austrian Alps. Another skiing destination is Innsbruck which is situated on the Inn River which also has a lot of skiing opportunities.

The most famous river in Austria is the Inn. It has a lot of opportunities for skiing as it has two valleys that are connected by a tunnel. An unusual skiing destination is Pamporovo which is also in close proximity to the Italian border. In addition to skiing, it is a great place to visit for families as there are plenty of restaurants, cafes and pubs that are close to the ski slopes.

Apart from skiing, Austria offers so much more than skiing. It has an abundant production of wine, beer and spirits. One can enjoy delicious meals or snacks while on a round of golf. In addition, there are plenty of activities that can be enjoyed in the mountains such as mountain biking, rock climbing, trekking and of course skiing. The famous gondola ride is enjoyed by many tourists and backpackers on their way to the mountains.

With so much to offer, it is no surprise that Austria Seiffen is one of the most frequently visited countries of the world.

The most popular tourist destinations are listed below:

Innsbruck - The capital of Austria, Innsbruck is a city that is young and vibrant. There are many places to visit that will give tourists a taste of the history and arts of the city. One of the best ways to view the city is by taking a "gooskop" (Swissmobile) and stop at the many " Festivals and Concerts" that are held around the city.

Klagenfurt - At a distance of 330 kilometers from Vienna, the capital of Austria, the town of Klagenfurt is on the crossroad of the famous Alps. The city is well known for its warm hospitality and a wide range of high quality restaurants and cafes.

For quite sometime, Austria and Switzerland have been inseparable. While staying in a comfortable hotel, you can enjoy yourself in the outdoors by going hiking, skiing or mountain biking through the gorgeous Alps. Moreover, the owners and operators of hotels in Austria seek your indulgence so that they can maximize their tourism potential. Therefore, they arrange travel packages that match the budget with the best. Also, some hotels have cozy private spaces equipped with the necessities of life.

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Tourists can also enjoy riding on the many horses across the mountains. While one may choose to stay in a lodge in the mountains, another may have the luxury of staying at the hotel in the town.