Top Ten Tips For New Parents

Top Ten Tips For New Parents

1.)It is recommended that you not use pacifiers until breastfeeding has been established (six to twelve months of age). The reason for this is obvious, unless you are breastfeeding, which it is recommended that you don't do until the baby is eight to twelve months old. Besides the pacifier can interfere with nursing and inhibit the baby from learning to breastfeed.

2.)Not much is better than breast milk, but you do want your baby to have it. It cannot be emphasized enough that your baby's nutrition and immunity are at least as important as any formula. Breast milk contains disease fighting antibodies and immunity boosting nutrients, besides the other things that are missing in formula milks.

3.)Formula in babies that are low at the time of birth, or during the first few days after birth really depends on how much breast milk the mother contains. Hardly any formula is actually unnecessary. If the mother still does not produce enough, then formula milk may be used.

4.)Decide what you will eat and drink at feeding time. Sounds obvious, but I have actually heard some new moms say that they have no idea what to eat or drink during the first few days, which is absolutely a recipe for disaster (and frustration, while the baby is freaking out and trying to eat everything). Each baby is different, though some might be very fussy about what you eat and others just need a little water to burp. This is an area where research is needed. I recommend multiple small meals during the first few weeks.

5.)Babies also are not very picky of any kind of foods. Meat, fish, poultry and fish are often popular additions to the breast milk diet of many new moms. The time of the day the baby feeds is very important too. Feeding your baby early in the day is probably the best. formula is a special case, as it needs to be fortified in many different ways. It is recommended that someone not try to substitute milk for formula the first few days.

6.)Another reason I suggest that life is going to be so different in the early days is that usually a baby is not conducive to being held, nursed or cuddled the way he or she did in the last month. Babies are always on the move and their needs are always changing. Being breastfed is fine, and even for sleep at night. Developmental toys such as rattles, blankets and sleep patterns may help with this BE fuel.

7.)Nursing is performed by nursing, or just holding, the baby in your arms, and placing either on the breast or spooning the milk from the bottle into their mouths. It is best to nurse frequently, but not to change your nursing positions often. I think the position of your body will come more into play.

8.)Feeding a baby is not a happy experience for anybody, especially the mother. It takes a lot to get a baby to feed, having all the restlessness and fussiness around your face, your voice and your milk going down to your baby and occasionally on to you, too. Its certainly not accomplishing any of the other things you need to do. Having a lovely, gentle, relaxed massage will help, and foods are good. Warm foods in the winter, cool ones in the summer are usually the best.

9.)Speaking of being able to eat, a baby shouldn't be fed formula or place to drink milk. Adults who want to eat try to comfort themselves by eating very small but frequent meals. I had always been told that a meal would keep baby full for at least an hour or more after they were done nursing. Today we have to work out strange whole numbers like: cool food at breakfast while milk on the table at noon, but cool food at midnight and lunch. So, my advice is just to be patient and hard-headed (a lot of hard work).

10.)When you have tried to calm your baby with your voice, with your stroke and all those tips above, you must return this to the baby with a hug. Remember, a baby doesn't understand what you say, or what you do. He just knows that something new is coming, and that it is bringing something different to him. Just let the magic happen for yourself and give him some to try!