Key To Well Being For Dogs - Proven Ways To Overcome Stress

Key To Well Being For Dogs - Proven Ways To Overcome Stress

We all feel stressed. Some of us get so stressed that we become physically sick. Dogs also get stressed. Yet their solutions for dealing with stress involve turning to dogs, specifically dogs that are obedient and calm.

When we deal with stress in our lives, we develop cancer, major mood disorders, and other health issues. We do not like to think or to admit that our pets may suffer from the same afflictions, but they can.

Dogs are descended from wolves. This wild pack animals are known for being social, intricate, and adaptive. They communicate and interact socially with each other and with other predators in their sometimes violent attempts for survival.

Like humans, dogs investigate and test things out, just like they explore and test the tips of their noses, hands, and teeth. While other animals explore the Rubicon, dogs test the strength of leaders.

A retired racing dog named Lonesome Cowboy was found to be so stressed that he had developed diabetes. He was removed from the race tracks and placed into a shelter. A Salt Lake City vet suggested that perhaps he should never have been a racing dog in the first place.

We believe that all dogs, when exposed to stress, become ill. We tend to think one option at a time or another until something works. This is particularly true when trying to address stress in our dogs.

There arenesseso certain behaviors may or may not be appropriate in various circumstances. Dogs, like humans, have differing personalities, we specialize in exerting self-control, and we usually have an agenda which is somewhat competitive with other dog walkers.

The good news is that with a few simple steps, owners can improve the behavior of their dogs. Here are five steps which you can start right now:

If you do not live alone, find an area other than the family home where you can exercise your pet. If you live in a townhome or condo, ask the decorator or owner if there is a dog park nearby. Otherwise, choose an area near you.

Take your dog for a long walk or a neighborhood walk at least once a day. This will tire him out. When walking, let him sniff as much as possible. He is probably drawn to certain things. Remember the power of positive reinforcement in other forms of training.

Obedience training is a wonderful activity to engage your dog in. Train your dog to sit, stop, stay, come and heel as well as other commands. If you can not spend the time with your dog, do not attempt to train him.

Each dog owner needs to learn to be an attentive companion. Learn to read his dog's moods. If he is aggressive toward you, he will be more difficult to train. He may even try to bite.

If you take the time to get to know your dog, you will improve your relationship. Observe his actions and learn how to deal with them.

Bring your dog out for a run or a walk regularly. This will help him burn off energy. You will see a marked difference in the energy of your dog and you will learn his body language. With the right approach, you will learn how to move his body and thus communicate more effectively with him.

Dogs have a way of keeping everyone on their toes. This makes them funny and the alpha dog. They will move their ways, trying to keep everyone on their toes. It is much easier to take the upper hand and be "alpha" than it is to let the other dogs keep you on their heels!

Do not over assure your dog. He will sense your stress and become nervous. Do not comfort him too much and he will become dependent on your reassurements.

You will see a difference when you leave him alone. He will rest easier and become less anxious. This is natural. Your absence will be sensed by your dog as a signs of separation. He will need comforting. He will look to you for support.

With these suggestions, you will find your way to a healthy, safe, happy, and well-adjusted dog.