Dog Disobedience - Is Your Dog Stealing Your Food?

Dog Disobedience - Is Your Dog Stealing Your Food?

Many people consider their dog to be a part of their family and treat him as such. However, they often find out later that their dog has a number of behavioral problems that they simply do not understand why they have. If you want to have a nicely trained dog here are some tips to help you.

It becomes a habit to jerk the leash rather than call your dog to you. Why? Because you pay attention to your dog more when he is behaving silly. Your dog gets a reward from behaving silly so he continues to do it.

It is easier to teach your dog to come when called than to correct a negative behavior.

When you first open the door and your dog runs up to it and barks, do not try to close the door or otherwise reprimand him. He has no idea that you are upset at him. More likely he thinks that the door is suddenly closing and hence, starts to bark. You really want to convey the message that you do not approve of his behavior. Close the door and order him to stop barking.

Then, if he continues, open the door a crack and reprimand him. Soon he will realize that when he barks, the door stays open. He will eventually stop barking and take 2 steps back. If this is done properly your dog will have to sniff his treat and have the understanding that he will get to walk out of the door on your command.

Only reprimand when you catch your dog in the act. Never reprimand after 8 to 10 seconds of his barking. Your dog will not understand why he is being reprimanded if the reprimand is given too late.

When you open your door to come home and your dog rushes forward expecting to greet you, do notollarinch him. Simply open the door, stride passed him and simply say, "Thank You".

As soon as you have cleaned up your mess from your kitchen floor replace the odor with a neutral product and walk casually by your dog. Anytime your dog approaches you simply close your lips and turn your back on your dog. When he remains calm and quiet have him sit and give him a treat. By doing this you have indicated to your dog that you are not pleased with his behavior. If you reprimand him more than once and he continues to bark, it will teach him that every time he barks he costs himself a painfulSecond.

When you open your door to go out another thing you may want to do is play with your special toy. Give your dog the opportunity to show how much he likes his toy. If you want to reward him when he shows good social behavior with his special toy, put it in his bed along side of his newly bounded by your arrival. Never put the toy in his bed as a way to punish him for not showing social behavior. If you do, you will cause more harm than help.

It may be a good idea to tie your dog to you in your bedroom while you sleep so that he does not wonder the minute you are going to sleep. Simply place a tight-fitting rope between the chain and the dog's neck and slide it through your bedroom's doggie pillow. Because the rope is so tight it will be like a noose and your dog will fall asleep almost immediately.

The biggest challenge between humans and their dog is when it comes to bedtime and waking up in the middle of the night. This is where a great deal of socialization for your dog takes place. As a young puppy you need to take your dog outside or to his designated toilet spot frequently. Establish routines and consistent follow them.

If you have a new puppy, one of the greatest things you can do is to establish a routine. One of the best and fastest things you can do to establish a routine is to set up a comfortable place for your pet to sleep, for example a dog bed or crate. Following a routine established will serve to make your dog feel secure knowing what is expected of him.

So as you can see, there are many things you can do to establish a healthy routine for your dog so that he remains healthy and happy throughout his life.