Love Me Again: Tips On How To Have Another Go With Your Ex

Love Me Again: Tips On How To Have Another Go With Your Ex

Are you trying to figure out how to have another go with your ex? Did the relationship end abruptly and you are now trying to figure out how to get your ex back?

Going through a break up is a very emotional time wherein you tend to feel different things for your ex compared to how you feel for your own self. This is why, some people feel the need to get over their exes and move on. However, if you are one of those who still can't get over their ex, then you must also figure out how to have another go with your ex.

Now, what can you do to have another go with your ex?

Ask help from friends.

One of the things that you can do is to ask for help from friends. Sometimes, after breakups, some people feel the need to get out of the comfort zone that they are used to and ask their friends for help. This will make you feel less lonely and more vulnerable in getting another chance with your ex.

Change your look.

As the saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder." Therefore, as your old lover take a good look in the mirror and see how you can look prettier because you can. Consult your favorite stylist to find out the best hair style and fashion that would make you look more attractive. This will boost your confidence and make you get another chance with your ex.

Stop obsessing over your ex.

It's suffocating if you will keep on thinking about your ex especially when you fell in love with him. The more you will feel depressed and desperate to have him back, the more you will lose your chance to get him back. Why do you think he left in the first place? Is there something that you did? Is there something that you should change? Be reasonable and don't go after your ex. Instead, beEven More Independent and Independent!

Give him space.

This is one of the main secrets on how to have another go with your ex. Hands off means hands off. Because if you keep calling and texting him, he would have nothing to do and would be totally irritated because you keep checking up on him.

Resist the temptation to keep calling and texting him.

Although you are desperately trying to get him back, it would not help you much if you will keep calling him every day. He will be able to tell that you are already needy and that may turn him off. Want to win him back? Don't do all the chasing and instead, let him do the chasing.

Going after your ex would only succeed in thievesGone are the days when you are still winning him back with your charms and sweet words. Winning him back with all the things that you did during the winning phase, such as your sweet words and person, is not advisable. Because if you keep doing the same thing, it would only result in him slipping through your fingers again.

So instead, you mustn't give him the idea that you still love him.

Play hard to get.

Every time you start to get friendly again, you must bring up that you are still available. This time, let him do the chasing. Don't answer each and every time he calls. Don't rush a meeting with him. Let him be the one to invite you on a date. Be unavailable. This will not help in winning him back because it would only make him think that you are not interested in him anymore.

Why not suggest a meeting to talk about the stripper effect?

Ask him how he would react if you do this for the 2nd time. If he says something like this "I am fine with you doing the tricks over and over again", then you know that the guy wants to win you back. He just wants to confirm that he can still have you despite all the time that you have put each other through.

Be mysterious.

Try to do the opposite of what he expects. He may have expected you to be like a totally different woman, try to be the same but better. For example, if he expects you to be moody and serious, try to be happy, positive and cheerful. He may have also expected you to be clingy and needy, try to be independent-minded.

The key to effectively win back your ex is to adjust yourself with the new you.Winning him backin your attempt to win him back is to be patient, flexible and persistent in your efforts.